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The Top 6 Reasons to Visit us in Booth #1252 at 2017 HFMA ANI

The following post was submitted by Brad Marshall, Senior Enterprise Development Consultant with RightPatient. If you are heading to Orlando this weekend for the HFMA show, please take a moment while you are walking the Exhibit Hall to visit RightPatient in Booth #1252. We will be on hand offering demos of our biometric patient identification […]

How Tech Is Disrupting The Healthcare Market

The following guest post on disruption caused by healthcare technology was submitted by Ryan McEniff. Technology is affecting every aspect of society, business, and personal life. Every industry has seen change because of the hi-tech revolution over the last 20 years. Industries like fiance, banking, transportation and manufacturing have all been impacted. Health care is […]

Technology In The Medical Field: How Data Centers Have Transformed The Industry

The following guest post was submitted by Kara Masterson. While hospitals and health care centers once used paper records only, today’s clinics and hospitals use almost entirely electronic health records, including digital scans, online drug records and web-based diagnostics. All of these technologies are hidden in the data center, which is typically a large building […]

The True Meaning of Patient Identification Innovation

The following post on patient identification innovation was submitted by Michael Trader, Co-Founder of RightPatient® I get it. Change is hard. It’s human nature to resist change, yet as we are often reminded, true progress in life comes when we step “outside the box” and “outside of our comfort zone” to change our perspective and […]

Patient Identification Deployment Video: Community Medical Centers

There are myriad reasons why a healthcare organization seeks to implement a biometric patient identification solution. It could be to prevent duplicate medical records. Or, perhaps to increase revenue cycle management efficiency and returns. Maybe it’s in an effort to better protect patient medical identities. Whatever the reason, there is one recurring theme that is […]

Key Steps To Keeping Infections Low For Your Patients During and After Surgery

The following is a guest post on how infection control impacts patient safety in healthcare. While most patients undergoing surgery do not experience infection, surgical site infections still present a consistent challenge for surgeons and their patients. Surgical wound infections are one of the more common types of surgical site infection and postoperative complications. Detected […]

Patient Safety a Focal Point for Latest RightPatient Deployment

Working to help increase patient safety in healthcare, Community Medical Centers (CMC) in Fresno, CA knew that implementing RightPatient using photo biometrics for patient identification was a step in the right direction. With a quick snap of a camera, patients can now rest assured that their medical identities are protected and clinicians will always have […]

5 Basic Procedures for Dental Patient Safety

The following guest post on patient safety in dentistry was submitted by Chris Hinchly. Patient safety efforts are meant to prevent unintentional harm to patients due to healthcare. When providing surgical and medical treatment, medical experts have found it quite difficult to keep accidents from occurring. The inability of healthcare professionals to prevent these accidents […]

Photo Biometrics Patient Identification Testimonial – University Health Care System

We always relish an opportunity to visit hospitals and healthcare organizations who have made the smart choice to adopt photo biometrics for patient identification. Who better to share their story about events and conditions that lead to their decision to invest in RightPatient® Cloud? We had an opportunity to sit down with George Ann Phillips, […]