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The Last 10 Years: How Technology Has Increased Patient Safety

The following guest post on how health IT technology has increased patient safety in healthcare was submitted by Hannah Whittenly. With healthcare demand growing in an aging population, medicine has become a competitive field. It’s increasingly difficult for administrators and staff to manage facilities and costs while still maintaining quality and safety in patient care. […]

The Medical Industry’s Smart Solutions

The following guest post on smart solutions in healthcare was submitted by Ronald McCarthy. The medical industry is now progressing more rapidly than ever. Innovations are being made yearly and people’s lives are changing so much that the expected lifespan of a person born in this decade can be over a hundred years old. The […]

5 Reasons Why Health Care Needs Better Cybersecurity

The following is a guest post submitted to RightPatient on improving cybersecurity in healthcare. When healthcare first started to go digital, the problems were largely related to mechanical reliability. Computers weren’t so reliable, and there was no internet to really bring them together. Keeping hard backups was really the biggest concern. Yet that’s changed considerably […]

7 Tips to Improve Your Revenue Cycle Management in 2017

The following guest post on improving revenue cycle management in healthcare was submitted by Yeshwanth HV. Amid the ever-changing regulatory environment, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) has become one of the most important concerns for healthcare leaders in the US. Effectively managing it ensures that there will be lesser accounts receivable, fewer complications and speedy recovery of […]

How Professionalism Helps You Put Your Patient’s Care & Safety First

The following guest post on patient safety was submitted by Hannah Whittenly. Medical professionals are expected to live up to certain standards. As expert caregivers, their patients expect them to be objective, knowledgeable, sympathetic, and detail-oriented. It isn’t easy in some situations or over the course of a long shift, but maintaining professionalism is important […]