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healthcare technology is

Changes in Technology that are Bringing Healthcare to the 21st Century

healthcare technology is

The following guest post on healthcare technology was submitted by Brooke Chaplan.

Everybody knows that technology is constantly evolving, but people often fail to realize how new technology is changing the world of healthcare in particular. Here are five new technologies revitalizing the healthcare industry and making life easier for both doctors and patients alike.

healthcare technology is

Advances in healthcare technology are radically changing our lives and well being.

Robotic Surgery Simulator

Most people wouldn’t step onto a plane that they knew was being flown by somebody in training, but the only way to teach budding surgeons has been in live operating rooms, until now. A new technology allows soon-to-be surgeons to learn new procedures in a way similar to a flight simulator. They see real footage of a surgery and get to make mistakes without endangering anybody. This new simulator could save countless lives by allowing surgeons to train without operating on a live patient.

Combination Systems

New strides are being made in the field of radiology by combining various image capturing technologies. For example, a PET-MRI hybrid offers all of the benefits of each system without the drawbacks. This allows for clearer images during various body scans and in turn, means easier and more accurate diagnoses. Students getting a radiology bachelor’s degree online and in universities are now being trained in these new systems and technologies.

Wearable Sensors

Almost all of us know someone already using this kind of technology in some way. Things like fitness apps and blood sugar monitors have inspired healthcare professionals to create sensors that can be worn throughout the day. These sensors are ideal for anybody suffering from a chronic condition, as they can broadcast vital signs to a nearby healthcare facility. This ensures that should something change in their condition, they can receive medical attention as quickly as possible.

Injected Bioabsorbable Hydrogel

This new technology has been injected into patients undergoing chemotherapy to protect their vital organs from radiation. While this treatment is not widely available yet, it has been used with great effect during studies of those suffering from prostate cancer.

Miniature Pacemakers

Having a pacemaker installed is unpleasant at best, but new technology may make the process much easier. Miniature pacemakers are 10% of the size of traditional pacemakers, and only take up a single heart chamber. While only 15% of those in need of a pacemaker are eligible for this new model, the technology itself is astounding.

As time goes on, newer and more effective technologies will continue to be developed. For now, however, these five technologies are some of the leading developments in the journey of revitalizing healthcare. Each one is not only stunning to think about but is actively saving the lives of patients.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan

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  1. Merlina Naldo
    Merlina Naldo says:

    The innovation of technology in medical world indeed, save a lot of lives. I am so grateful for the people who shared their discoveries. The biggest challenge so far is how many people who has an access for this technology. We all know, many can’t afford the very expensive treatment so far.


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