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5 Features to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Medical Equipment

Not only does medical equipment require a significant financial commitment, but it also requires careful consideration when selecting the right product for the job. However, purchasing medical equipment can be overwhelming whether you’re a medical professional or a consumer. With so many options on the market and varying prices, it’s essential to research before making […]

Why Ransomware Scenarios Commonly Occur at Hospitals

Hospitals have advanced substantially over the last several decades. In particular, computer systems have streamlined a great many processes and made many hospital functions — such as data-driven decision-making — more convenient for medical professionals and staff. Unfortunately, this increase in convenience has also come with a substantial number of new risks and threats.  Since […]

4 Ways to Improve Patient Care

Patient care is a top priority for any healthcare organization. To provide the best possible care for your patients, you must constantly look for ways to improve your process. This blog post will discuss four ways you can improve patient care in your organization. Utilize Technology The healthcare industry must use technology to improve patient […]

4 Essential Tips for Hospitals to Improve Patient Care

Providing quality patient care is the foundation of every hospital and healthcare facility. When a hospital works with a patient-centric approach, they end up engaging with their patients by learning about their experiences. The patients are content when they see their input and individuality being acknowledged. Healthcare workers who value their patients’ well-being above everything […]

The Importance of Accurate Patient Identification: Ensuring Quality Care and Patient Safety

Patient identification is a crucial aspect of healthcare. It involves the process of accurately identifying and verifying the identity of a patient, typically using identifying information such as their name, date of birth, and medical record number. Ensuring accurate patient identification is essential for providing quality care and maintaining patient safety. Accurate patient identification is […]

5 Ways Nurses Can Promote a Culture of Patient Safety

Nurses are crucial members of the healthcare team, and they have a unique opportunity to promote patient safety in the hospital setting. Spending time with patients one-on-one will help nurses detect and address factors that may increase the risk of medical errors or adverse events. They are also in a position to provide critical education […]

4 Ways Nursing Practitioners Impact Healthcare

In the United States, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been in effect for a while now. One of its key provisions is the expansion of Medicaid, which has helped millions of Americans gain access to quality healthcare. What many people don’t realize is that the ACA also expanded the role of family nurse practitioners […]

4 Ways to Improve Patient Safety

According to a recent study, an estimated 98,000 people die each year from preventable medical errors. This means medical errors claim more lives than car accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS. Patient safety is something that should be at the forefront of every healthcare professional’s mind, as the wellbeing and well-being of patients are always at […]