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The Wave of the Future: The Importance of Digital Health

When it comes to healthcare, it hasn’t exactly been the easiest path for both patients and physicians. Present circumstances have made it challenging for patients to find the treatment they need, as most medical professionals are often overworked due to understaffing issues. Moreover, issues such as medical identity theft, duplicate medical records, and patient mix-ups […]

Understanding Patient Engagement and Its Importance

Being actively involved in your overall well-being helps you manage your current condition better, prevent chronic illnesses in the future, and avoid significant healthcare expenses. However, patients need professional support or intervention to implement this better, which is where patient engagement comes in. Patient engagement is a term that describes the partnership between patients and […]

How to Handle a Patient’s Insurance Information Securely

The Internet of Things has made healthcare more accessible, affordable, and convenient for patients and providers alike. It’s also helped to ensure health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic. However, telehealth appointments and electronic records don’t come without their fair share of risks.  Criminal attacks and security breaches within the healthcare industry have skyrocketed within […]

8 Ways to Better Secure Patient Medical Records

As a medical or medical administration professional, you’re likely familiar with the ways that the digital world has impacted the healthcare industry. On the whole, the technological developments involved in the medical field have caused a variety of positive changes for patients and providers alike. However, there is still the risk that the tech used […]

Mobile Hospitals: How They Improve Medical Services

Mobile hospitals are not new. In fact, they’ve been used both for temporary and permanent functions in the past decades. For temporary functions, mobile hospitals are utilized during medical drives, campaigns, and other medical events. Meanwhile, for permanent functions, mobile hospitals are used in rural areas and military stations. Today, the presence and use of […]

5 Healthcare Tech Trends That Are Improving Mental Health Outcomes

Today, psychotherapy and medication are the go-to interventions for a wide range of mental health issues, ranging from depression, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety, to full-blown disorders such as substance use disorder (SUD) and personality disorders. Even with massive advances in the current understanding of how the brain works and how clinicians can assist patients with […]

Integration of Telehealth and EHR can Contribute a Lot to Healthcare

Introduction Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a well-known source for patient care, analyzing patient data, and reducing extremely high costs. Also, the EHR systems have benefited the healthcare industry to decrease mortality rates for acute and chronic diseases of patients. The system of remote patient monitoring and care has been introduced since the 1960s when […]

How to Address the RCM Inefficiencies To Enhance Cash Flow? 

Healthcare providers are adopting strategies to protect their patients from financial hardships and improve the bottom line. Moreover, the latest economical havoc is adding additional pressure to the US healthcare industry. Every financial outlook of a medical facility is affected by this storm. It is now more important than ever before to fortify cash flow […]