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Identifying Social Bias in Healthcare and How We Can Address It

The term “social bias” makes many people uncomfortable. No one wants to be accused of any form of discrimination— particularly not in the context of healthcare. While it’s easy to think that because you don’t actively discriminate against anyone, you aren’t involved in “social bias,” there’s a little more to it than that.  When it […]

Emergency Room Triage: How Hospitals Prioritize Patients

Imagine this: you’re in an emergency department, surrounded by a flurry of activity. Doctors and nurses rush by, patients come in with various ailments, and there’s a constant hum of medical machinery in the background. It’s a scene repeated daily in emergency departments across the globe, including in Singapore, and one that’s highly concerning and […]

4 Ways to Use Technology to Enhance Patient Safety

Patient safety is all about avoiding unexpected/ unintended harm to patients when undergoing treatment. Prioritizing patient safety helps establish an environment where excellent patient care is possible. Providing better patient care results in better patient outcomes and prevents medication errors while making it easier to control infection issues. Ensuring patient safety minimizes the risk of […]

The Future of Patient Engagement in Medical Practices

Patient engagement has long been recognized as a cornerstone of effective healthcare delivery, promoting collaboration between patients and healthcare providers for optimal outcomes. Recent years have seen remarkable advancements in patient engagement, primarily driven by technology. This article explores the future of patient engagement in medical practices, focusing on innovation, enhanced communication, data security, and […]

Insight Into the Six Domains of Healthcare Quality

Quality healthcare is an aspiration shared by patients, providers, and policymakers alike. The dynamism of this sector is evident from the growth figures; notably, the global healthcare services market expanded from $7,499.75 billion in 2022 to $7,975.87 billion in 2023. The healthcare landscape is multifaceted, where the confluence of science, humanity, technology, and economics shapes […]

5 Ways to Improve Patient Outcomes

Globally, hospitals are experiencing growing demands to enhance results, whether it’s because they function in a performance-based pay or value-oriented care setting or simply because more knowledgeable patients these days are consciously seeking treatment at facilities renowned for high-quality care. Regardless of your hospital’s compensation model, positive treatment outcomes are vital for your success. Aiming […]

Why Work from Home Nursing Jobs Are on the Rise and How This Affects Patient Safety and Identity

Today, remote work is becoming a popular phenomenon across a variety of industries. Many are surprised to find out that even healthcare professionals are now starting to transition into work-from-home jobs that allow them to forego the commute to a healthcare facility or office.  Unfortunately, this rise in digital and remote patient care is giving […]

Patient-Centered Approaches: The Future of Effective Health Care

In the evolving world of health care, prioritizing patients’ unique needs and experiences is paramount. As endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO), patient-centered care is becoming increasingly recognized for its pivotal role in enhancing healthcare quality and safety. The shift towards patient-centered approaches is not merely a trend but an essential progression in ensuring […]