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5 Healthcare Tech Trends That Are Improving Mental Health Outcomes

Today, psychotherapy and medication are the go-to interventions for a wide range of mental health issues, ranging from depression, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety, to full-blown disorders such as substance use disorder (SUD) and personality disorders. Even with massive advances in the current understanding of how the brain works and how clinicians can assist patients with […]

Integration of Telehealth and EHR can Contribute a Lot to Healthcare

Introduction Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a well-known source for patient care, analyzing patient data, and reducing extremely high costs. Also, the EHR systems have benefited the healthcare industry to decrease mortality rates for acute and chronic diseases of patients. The system of remote patient monitoring and care has been introduced since the 1960s when […]

How to Address the RCM Inefficiencies To Enhance Cash Flow? 

Healthcare providers are adopting strategies to protect their patients from financial hardships and improve the bottom line. Moreover, the latest economical havoc is adding additional pressure to the US healthcare industry. Every financial outlook of a medical facility is affected by this storm. It is now more important than ever before to fortify cash flow […]

7 Need-To-Know Stretches To Relieve Knee Pain 

Everybody wants to move around without any constraints. But when you feel an ache in your knees each time you walk or climb the stairs, your range of motion would naturally be limited. Knee pain seems to be a common condition among individuals, particularly adults. According to a podiatrist Sunshine Coast residents trust, its causes […]

The Biggest Public Health Issues of 2021

The world is currently facing the most significant healthcare challenge, which is the pandemic of COVID-19. It has caused millions of deaths worldwide and created chaos in the healthcare sector. The biggest challenge for the healthcare industry was to make people aware of how to maintain social distancing to keep themselves and their loved ones […]

Reduce Neck Pain At Work In 6 Steps

A typical desk job has never done your neck good. Many Australians often experience neck pain or stiff neck due to the sedentary position it requires. You probably feel the strain on your neck after a few hours of continuous work while sitting. Answering the phone by cradling it between your shoulder and ear while […]

How Technology Helps Improve Patient Care

There’s no denying that technology plays a significant role across all industries. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation for many businesses – and health care facilities are no exception.  Implementing new tech to improve patient care is nothing new – the health care industry has continuously improved its quality of care […]

4 Tips On Finding The Best Live In Care Services 

Having a senior loved one means going the extra mile in making sure they’re well taken care of all the time. As their family, you want to give them the best personal care possible. However, as your life responsibilities start to become just as demanding, you’ll reach a point where you’ll realize the best thing […]

New Tech That Will Improve Your Medical Practice

By incorporating the new technology in your medical practice, you can deliver better patient care that is timely and cost-efficient. This means that the latest technology can help hospitals meet the growing demand in healthcare and efficiently deliver health services that guarantee good health. The following is the new tech that will help improve your […]