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7 Benefits of Leasing Medical Equipment

As medical technology continues to evolve, the need for health facilities to adapt to changing trends increases. This is because advanced medical equipment facilitates the efficient delivery of services compared to outdated equipment. It also reduces referrals, as medical practitioners can handle most health cases. Purchasing medical equipment can be costly for any organization to […]

How Technology Improved Road Accident Data Collection

Accidents are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. According to WHO (World Health Organization), approximately 1.35 million individuals lose their life in car-related crashes every year. In the USA alone, more than 38,000 people succumb to vehicular crash injuries. Accident data collection is a crucial exercise and should be done with utmost caution. […]

How To Prevent Medical Record Mismanagement

Many medical professionals worry about what could only be a doctor’s or nurse’s worst nightmare: mismanaged medical records. These records could include anything from the wrong diagnosis to treatment to medication. Unfortunately, some errors made in medical documentation can be severe and even fatal. Although many doctors and nurses are aware of the perils of […]

How HIPAA Compliance Affects The Medical Translations Industry

Medical translation plays a crucial role in bridging the communication gaps between medical providers and their multilingual clients. According to Joint Commission Standards and Healthcare Compliance Law, hospitals need to find translators that can help convey important and personal health information (PHI) to Limited English Proficient speakers. However, it is crucial to keep this confidential […]