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8 Ways Hospitals Put Patient Safety First

When you take a patient to the doctor or a hospital, you expect that all their treatments will be free of danger. Physicians and other healthcare providers should minimize the risk of infection and error while attempting to make their patients as comfortable as possible. The ultimate goal is that no patients are harmed. Physicians, […]

5 Benefits of Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Implementing technology into medical enterprises has enriched the lives of many individuals all across the globe. Ranging from the invention of X-ray machines to advancements in surgical techniques, technology has heightened our life expectancy rates by making us healthier. Through platforms like Lecturio, information technology is formulated to offer personalized, affordable, and adaptive digital medical […]

Tips For Improving Patient Satisfaction In Surgery Centers

Are you an administrator looking to expand or improve your hospital’s ambulatory surgical center’s operations? One critical component to every healthcare facility’s success is positive feedback. Use these practical tips to improve your patient’s satisfaction. What Is an Ambulatory Surgical Center? Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) were created to administer a variety of low-risk surgeries. Some […]

Telehealth in the COVID Era – From Coordinating Care to Saving Lives

How telehealth evolved due to Covid Even before the novel coronavirus pandemic broke out across the world, technologies like telehealth video conferencing were penetrating more and more institutions with the promise of new efficiencies for doctors and patients.  The COVID‐19 emergency disrupted even the most stable healthcare systems, speeding up the introduction of new care […]

4 Ways Digitization is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Technology has benefited almost every industry it has come into contact with. The impact that it has had on businesses is undeniable. Truly, shifting to digital systems has fundamentally changed the way that work is done, vastly improved upon existing processes, and enhanced how businesses engage and interact with their customers. Even healthcare, an industry […]

Exploring the Top Healthcare Technology Trends 

Technology advancement has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Latest technologies are innovated to diagnose and treat lethal diseases. People have also become health conscious and they try to use the latest technologies to know about their health conditions. As the pandemic has hit the world badly, it has changed the landscape of the healthcare market. People […]

Necessities for Your Healthcare Practice in 2021

As healthcare moves further into the 21st century, healthcare providers have access to better technologies and opportunities for care than at any point in history. However, with these new frontiers come new challenges and concerns. Properly managing these new obstacles is an essential aspect of modern healthcare, but the possibilities for improved health and patient […]