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RightPatient Resource Center

Biometric Resource Center and Patient Identification System Custom Reference

We created the RightPatient® Custom Reference and Biometric Resource center as an educational tool for healthcare. Under each of these tabs you will find the following information:

RightPatient EHR - next-generation biometric patient ID system

Custom Reference

RightPatient® -Patient ID across EMPI

Hospital Map

We created an interactive map that lists all of the places within a hospital where biometric technology can be used to help: safeguard patient health, protect sensitive data, secure restricted areas, and track employee time and attendance.

RightPatient® -Patient ID across EMPI

Iris vs. Retina

This document explains how each biometric ocular identification technology works and the differences between the two.

RightPatient® -Patient ID across EMPI

Due Diligence

What types of questions should you be asking when researching a biometric patient identification system? This document guides you through proper due diligence and why it’s important to ask the tough questions.

RightPatient® -Patient ID across EMPI

1:1 and 1:Few vs. 1:N Searches

Did you know that there are three types of searches in biometrics? Do you know the differences and why they are important to biometric patient identification? You will want to review this document and educate yourself on these terms to understand how each can effect your search results.

RightPatient® -Patient ID across EMPI

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