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RightPatient® SaaS

Cloud-based biometric patient identification

RightPatient® SaaS enables healthcare providers to deploy the most accurate, scalable, and versatile biometric patient ID solution for an affordable monthly fee. At the local level, RightPatient® still becomes a seamless module of the EHR software but the back-end biometric matching and data storage system is hosted in our HIPAA-compliant cloud. This model provides the ultimate deployment flexibility while lowering IT costs. And here's the best part - our customers retain complete ownership of their data.

RightPatient® SaaS - Cloud-based biometric patient identification

RightPatient® SaaS removes the burden and expense of provisioning and maintaining the biometric matching and data storage system.

How It Works

Configure EHR Interface

Our experienced team configures RightPatient® to seamlessly integrate with the provider EHR system.

RightPatient seamlessly integrates with all major EHR platforms including Cerner, Epic, Siemens, and Meditech
Patient Registration

RightPatient® attaches the unique biometric data and photo of each patient to their medical record.

RightPatient helps hospitals achieve accurate patient identification with photo biometrics to improve patient safety
Patient Identification in the Cloud

For subsequent encounters, biometric patient identification requests are submitted to the RightPatient® Cloud for fast, accurate results.

RightPatient Cloud hosts the backend biometric matching and data storage in a HIPAA compliant cloud

Using a powerful back-end architecture, RightPatient® Cloud can quickly and easily scale as patient enrollments grow to retain optimized performance and reliability.


Photo Biometrics for RightPatient® SaaS

Photo Biometrics

RightPatient® Healthcare Cloud SaaS Biometric Patient Identification
  • Most accurate form of biometrics
  • Patients take a “selfie”
  • Non-contact & hygienic
  • High degree of acceptance

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With Photo Biometrics, patients can be accurately recognized by simply taking their picture. RightPatient analyzes the unique iris pattern data from the patient photo, which is the most accurate form of biometrics.

Photo Biometrics is also ideal for hygiene and infection control because it is completely contactless. In addition, RightPatient displays the patient photo after retrieving the correct medical record, which provides two-factor authentication.

Patients love Photo Biometrics, as evidenced by RightPatient customers reporting 99% acceptance rates. With RightPatient SaaS, healthcare providers can easily implement the platform for an affordable monthly fee.

Our Advantages

RightPatient SaaS allows healthcare providers to deploy the biometric patient ID solution for a low monthly fee

Lower costs

Affordable monthly subscription

RightPatient offers a secure, flexible biometric patient ID solution to improve patient safety

Security & Flexibility

Take an iterative approach to enterprise deployment

peace of mind

Increased Patient Safety

Outcomes improve when the right EHR is selected

eliminate duplicate medical records and overlays and medical ID theft with biometric patient identification

Accurate Patient ID

Prevent duplicate medical records and identity theft

RightPatient biometric patient ID solution offers fast deployment with minimal IT full time equivalents (FTEs)

Fast deployment

Providers can be up and running within 48 hours