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Removing the Word “Scan” from Iris Recognition for Healthcare Biometrics

Look no farther for a sensationalized depiction of biometric identification technology than the Tom Cruise movie “Minorty Report.” Remember this scene?: Packed with scenarios that stretch the truth on how biometric technology actually works, the movie has unfortunately become a rallying cry for those opposed to the technology as an example of just how invasive […]

How Accurate Patient Identification Impacts Health Information Management (HIM)

We have spent a lot of time during the past few years discussing how establishing accurate patient identification in healthcare with biometrics is the most effective technology to prevent: — Duplicate medical records — Healthcare fraud— Medical identity theft and improve: — Patient safety— Revenue cycle management  What often goes unnoticed is the impact that biometric […]

RightPatient® Receives Award from Fierce Markets for Patient Identity Management Solution

We are honored to announce that FierceMarkets, renowned publishers of many prestigious B2B publications, including several dedicated to healthcare and health IT, bestowed the “Fiercest Engagement Solution” award to us for our RightPatient® patient identity management and patient engagement solution. The entire RightPatient® team was excited and humbled to be recognized for our efforts to […]