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Understanding the difference between patient identification technologies
Choosing the wrong patient identification technology can cost lives. Make a smarter decision and download our free eBook to understand more about how patient identification technologies work, and what you should know about their strengths and limitations.
A Comprehensive New eBook from RightPatient®

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“The importance of implementing accurate patient identification solutions in healthcare has never been more critical to help eliminate duplicate medical records and overlays and help stop medical identity theft and fraud at the point of service. The problem becomes, which patient identification technology is the best fit and will be the most effective to increase patient safety?”

Our new eBook takes a look at the top three patient identification technology options – barcodes, smart cards, and biometrics – and compares the characteristics of each to determine which is proven to be the most advanced patient identity management and data integrity solution to ensure 100% patient ID accuracy, strengthen patient safety, improve the patient experience, and increase patient data integrity.

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Understanding the Difference between Patient Identification Technologies

RightPatient® was a perfect fit for us because it doesn’t require physical contact, seamlessly communicates with our electronic health records software, and runs flawlessly over Citrix.

Carol PlatoAVP of Revenue Cycle, Martin Health Systems
Understanding the Difference between Patient Identification Technologies

One of the reasons we selected RightPatient was that it supports any type of biometrics and device. This is a platform that gives us flexibility as the technology continues to evolve.

Melanie WilsonVP of Revenue Cycle, Novant Health System