patient identification in healthcare

Patient Identification and the Cosmos – Can we Draw a Correlation?

It may be a stretch of the imagination to draw a comparison between the Big Bang theory and patient identification in healthcare but that is exactly what we did in our latest article posted over at In an effort to illustrate the importance of accurate patient identification in healthcare, we point out that just as the Big Bang is considered the prevailing cosmological model that explains and is responsible for our existence, accurate patient ID could also be considered the genesis of quality healthcare in a patient centric universe.

patient identification in healthcare

Can the big bang teach us something about the importance of patient identification in healthcare?

Widely considered one of the most complex and pressing issues for healthcare to solve, patient identification does not truly get the attention it deserves within the industry especially when discussing health information exchanges, interoperability, and the clean exchange of health data across disparate networks. Our goal is to not only draw more attention to the importance of solving the patient identification dilemma, but to illustrate how critical getting patient ID correct is in the larger context of healthcare delivery.

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