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RightPatient® Software as a Service (SaaS)

Implement the industry’s most advanced and trusted biometric patient ID solution for a low monthly fee

Implement the industry’s most trusted and advanced biometric patient identification platform for a flat, low monthly fee that includes the biometric devices, software, services, and support. The biometric matching and data storage system is hosted in our HIPAA-compliant cloud, which significantly reduces IT costs and accelerates deployment. Less than $5k/month can save you millions each year by preventing duplicate medical records and fraud while improving revenue cycle management, health outcomes, and the patient experience.


The RightPatient® SaaS model enables healthcare organizations to implement best-of-breed patient ID technology for a low monthly fee.

Be a budget hero and plug the duplicate medical record hole forever!

Fact: A typical healthcare facility average duplicate medical record rate can be as high as 14%. (HIMSS report:

Fact: The average cost to reconcile a duplicate medical record is $60 per record. (ONC report: http://bit.ly/1OMADfT)

100k annual patient visits per year equates to $300k/year (assuming a 5% duplicate medical record rate) in losses. Even if you have a 5% duplicate medical record rate, how much money do you continue to lose annually? And duplicate medical records are just the tip of the iceberg.

Patients love RightPatient® – over 99% accept the technology to protect their medical identities

Inaccurate patient ID also reduces revenue, increases write-offs and litigation costs, and negatively affects patient safety. Isn’t it time to finally implement a patient identification solution that simultaneously reduces the dangers of duplicate medical records and fraud while saving millions of dollars per year?

What if you had an opportunity to implement the industry’s most advanced biometric patient identification SaaS for a flat, low monthly fee that includes all biometric hardware devices, patient matching software, and support services? Host the biometric matching and data storage system in our HIPAA-compliant cloud and for less than $5k/month, the RightPatient® SaaS platform will save you millions per year.

RightPatient® SaaS software solution seamlessly integrates with your EHR system and can be used in other areas such as an enterprise master patient index (EMPI), patient self-service check-ins, telehealth, and accurate patient ID for patient portals.

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