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RightPatient® Global Connect

Create a single, ubiuituous, federated patient identity

More healthcare organizations are increasing their use of HIPAA compliant SaaS cloud services. This trend is juxtaposed with the need for patients to be accurately identified from any provider location. RightPatient® Global Connect lowers costs and creates single, unique, global patient identities that are secured with biometrics, effectively helping to reduce the challenges of patient data matching and data sharing across disparate health networks.

Global Connect lowers costs and creates single, unique, global patient identities

RightPatient® Global Connect is a HIPAA-compliant, SaaS biometric matching system that creates a federated patient identity so that patients can be accurately identified from any location.

How It Works

Establish Unique Identities

Through partnerships with IBM and leading credit agencies, RightPatient® Global Connect cleans a provider’s existing Master Patient Index, assigning a unique key to each patient identity and medical record.

Establish Unique Identities
Patient Enrollment

Registrars quickly and easily attach one or multiple forms of biometrics (e.g. fingerprint, iris, vascular) to the RightPatient® Global Connect patient record through an intuitive web interface.

RightPatient -Patient Enrollment
Federated Identification

From any location with access to the RightPatient® Global Connect, patients can be accurately identified through a real-time biometric search, helping to prevent the creation of duplicate medical records and increasing patient safety.

Federated Identification

Using a powerful back-end architecture, RightPatient® Global Connect can quickly and easily scale as patient enrollments grow to retain optimized performance and reliability.


Our Advantages

Health data accuracy

Identity Proofing

Perform identity verification prior to initial biometric enrollment


Federated identity credential

A single, federated patient identity credential across any healthcare network

RightPatient offers a secure, flexible biometric patient ID solution to improve patient safety

Quick access

Quickly access patient data from the cloud even outside a network

eliminate duplicate medical records and overlays and medical ID theft with biometric patient identification

Patient Safety

Improves patient safety through more accurate linkage of medical records across multiple settings

peace of mind


Patients have confidence that their complete medical history is accurately retrieved



Helps comply with data sharing regulations across health information exchanges (HIEs)

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