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Portable iris recognition, ergonomic design

RightPatient® Wireless ID

Especially in emergency situations, identifying patients quickly, easily and accurately can mean the difference between life and death. The RightPatient® Wireless Biometric ID unit provides the convenience, portability and user-friendliness that care providers need to enroll or identify patients in the ED, at bedside, during home health visits, and other mobile environments.

Biometric ID unit provides the convenience, portability and user-friendliness

The RightPatient® Wireless Patient ID unit offers a sleek, modern design and touchscreen interface combined with fast photo capture and identification.

Innovative Wireless Biometric Patient Identification


  • Windows touchscreen interface with embedded dual-eye camera
  • Sleek, ergonomic, modern design
  • Durable protective case
  • Wrist and shoulder straps for added protection
  • Communicates with any PC to retrieve patient record using patent-pending remote camera mechanism
  • Capture face and iris images in less than a second


Wireless Biometric Patient Identification
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How is RightPatient® Wireless Biometric ID used in:

The fast paced, diverse ED​ environment necessitates deployment of a flexible, mobile, wireless patient identification unit to quickly identify patients with special conditions:

  • Wheelchair bound handicapped patients
  • Trauma patients
  • Unconscious patients

RightPatient® Wireless ID does not require a USB connection enabling flexible patient identification for patients unable to approach the registration desk.

Accurate bedside patient identification is not only an important safety protocol, but provides a variety of other benefits to healthcare organizations including:

  • Reduced costs from eliminating re-testing and re-treatment of patients​
  • Fewer mistakes during treatment
  • Better organized supplies, medications, and specimens

The free standing RightPatient® Wireless Biometric ID unit eliminates the need for clumsy and crowded workstations on wheels (WOWs) or computers on wheels (COWs) .

Accurate patient identification in a home health setting may be less prone to error than other settings, but is equally important due to the fact that treatment errors occur in virtually all stages of diagnosis and treatment. RightPatient Wireless® ensures accurate patient ID:

  • When administering medications, blood, or blood components
  • When collecting blood samples and other specimens for clinical testing
  • When providing treatments or procedures

The portability of the RightPatient Wireless® device enables health practitioners the ability to quickly and accurately identify home health patients with iris recognition built into a tablet.

Our Advantages


Mobility to accurately identify patients

Increase efficiency and improve patient safety


Fast, accurate recognition

Communicates seamlessly with the RightPatient® biometric identification system


Portable, user-friendly design

Easily identify patients at bedside, in the ED, and mobile health locations


Prior to medication distribution

Use prior to medication distribution to avoid adverse health effects

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