RightPatient - Healthcare Biometric Patient Identification RightPatient®

RightPatient System Benefits

Biometrics is the most reliable way to identify patients
RightPatient EHR - next-generation biometric patient ID system
RightPatient® will enable your hospital to prevent the creation of duplicate medical records, which are estimated to cost $50 per pair

Accurate patient identification: #1 goal of the Joint Commission

Hospital - National Patient Safety Goals


  • Eliminate identity fraud at the point of care
  • Increase patient safety
  • Reduce risk
  • Overcome issues associated with cultural naming conventions
  • Streamline registration processes
  • Enhance patient privacy
  • Improve the patient experience

System Features

  • Biometric identification server matches:
    • 2.3 million iris templates/sec
    • 1.7 million fingerprint templates/sec
    • 600,000 finger vein templates/sec
    • 60,000 palm vein templates/sec
  • Seamlessly interfaces with any EHR software
  • Face recognition augments identification for unconscious patients
  • Displays digital photo of patient after identification
  • True 1:N matching system to prevent duplicate medical records
  • Host biometric server locally or in the cloud
  • Web-based analytics solution provides real-time system intelligence
  • Built-in support for COWs and WOWs
  • Authenticate patients from mobile device such as i-Touch

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