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Patient misidentification is a serious problem. Learn how it is impacting the financial
performance of healthcare providers and is hampering the patient experience.

Infographic: Patient misidentification and its impacts on patient experience

Patient misidentification is a serious problem in the healthcare industry- this fact is widely known by any American who has opted for healthcare services. However, how serious is its impact on the financial performance of healthcare providers? Does misidentification hamper patient experience? These are the questions this infographic will answer and provide a clear picture as to how damaging patient misidentification can be.

Health systems and hospitals are adversely affected financially which are linked to patient misidentification. On average, 35% of all denied claims are due to patient misidentification or lack of patient information. This problem alone costs any given healthcare facility a whopping $1.2 million per year! Moreover, 76% of the sample believe that denied claims could be reduced with the help of a biometric patient identification system.

That was all about the financial impact, but what about the impact on the patient experience?

Patient experience is adversely affected due to patient matching errors, generating longer patient waiting times. In fact, 69% said that a minimum of 30 minutes or more is needed to retrieve crucial patient information from medical records or the HIM department. This negatively impacts productivity since patients need to wait longer to then receive healthcare services.

Overall, patient misidentification causes all sorts of problems for any given healthcare provider, regardless of its size or reputation. So, how are healthcare providers keeping up with the challenge? RightPatient is helping to solve the problems related to patient matching errors and thus speeding up the process, enhancing the patient experience, and reducing denied claims as well as reducing insurance fraud. It identifies patients within seconds using their biometrics like their irises or fingerprints, and then pulls the appropriate EHR- it’s that easy. RightPatient is the healthcare industry’s most versatile and scalable biometric patient identification and matching system, committed to enhancing the patient experience.

Infographic: Patient misidentification and its impacts on patient experience

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