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A definition of Patient Identification and how can it be improved

Patient identification- it is a term we hear on the news frequently. Whether this news comes via the television, smartphone, or newspaper, it’s all the same story – someone, unfortunately, was a victim of patient identification error and was either somehow saved despite the error or had to pay the price for someone’s mistake. It can happen in a number of ways- mix-ups, fraudulent activities, and so on.

This has been going on for quite a long time, especially because there has not been a viable solution to it. The healthcare industry has been struggling with patient misidentifications, and it has impacted not only the health of their patients, but also the hospitals financially. These misidentifications usually have occurred due to attempting to speed up processes, creating multiple records for a single patient.

However, there are still some people who are confused as to what patient identification is. It can be a complicated thing at times. So, this infographic will provide a definition of patient identification, why so many people are bothered about it, and how it can affect an individual, along with some statistics as to how it happens and why, followed by a probable solution some healthcare solutions are already implementing. Know the answers and learn why it is such a critical issue in the healthcare industry.

Infographic: A definition of Patient Identification and how can it be improved

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