RightPatient - Healthcare Biometric Patient Identification RightPatient®

Biometric Single Sign-On for Healthcare

The M2SYS biometric single sign-on solution enables healthcare organizations to:
RightPatient EHR - next-generation biometric patient ID system
  • Eliminate password management
  • Scan your biometric to login to your network, CPOE, EHR and all other applications within the hospital
  • Establish a concrete audit trail of activity
  • Encrypt files and secure communication across the network
  • Easily scale from one user to thousands of users with multiple types of authentication devices
  • Seamlessly interface with Active Directory for centralized management

Single Sign-On

Biometric single sign on working process

Supported Biometric Devices

RightPatient® uses FingerPrint biometric technology


RightPatient -FingerVein biometric patient identification

Finger Vein

RightPatient® uses PalmVein biometric technology

Palm Vein

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