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How RightPatient Works

RightPatient® seamlessly interfaces with your existing EHR software. M2SYS has already built interfaces to common health record software platforms such as Epic, Cerner®, McKesson, Meditech and CPSI.

Patient Enrollment

Begin by enrolling your your patient while our system associates the captured biometric templates to the patient’s medical record number.

RightPatient -Patient Enrollment
Record De-duplication

RightPatient performs a true one-to-many search during the biometric enrollment process to prevent the creation of any duplicate patient records. Learn why this is important.

RightPatient -Record De-duplication
Patient Identification

When a patient arrives to the hospital/clinic/physician office, a biometric scan is all that’s required to identify the patient and retrieve his/her medical record from within your EHR software.

RightPatient - Patient Identification

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