Novant Health Selects RightPatient®

14 hospitals and 343 clinics to enroll over 3.5 million patients

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"One of the reasons we selected RightPatient was that it supports any type of biometrics and device. This is a platform that gives us flexibility as the technology continues to evolve."
-- Melanie Wilson
VP of Revenue Cycle, Novant Health System


Martin Health System Selects RightPatient®

3-hospital system seamlessly integrates RightPatient® into Epic EHR to eliminate duplicate medical records

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"RightPatient protects patients from identity theft, which affects quality of care and healthcare costs."
-- Carol Plato
AVP of Revenue Cycle Management, Martin Health System

Hugh Chatham Memorial Adopts RightPatient®

Selects RightPatient® to eliminate medical identity theft and prevent duplicate medical records
"RightPatient has been well received by patients and staff, is extremely easy to use, and truly guards patients against medical identity theft and the creation of duplicate medical records."
-- Lee Powe
Chief Information Officer, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

University of California San Diego (UCSD) Deploys RightPatient®

Implemented for patient safety to ensure accurate patient identification prior to cancer treatment delivery

“We switched to RightPatient® with iris biometrics because it was a more effective patient ID management platform compared to other available solutions.”
-- Todd Pawlicki
UCSD Director, Division of Medical Physics and Technology


Archbold Medical Center Implements RightPatient®

Seamlessly interfaces with Siemens EHR to prevent duplicate medical records and eliminate healthcare fraud

“RightPatient® with iris biometrics was a good fit for us requiring no physical contact to support hospital infection control and can be used on mobile devices and unconscious patients.”
-- Becky Poole
Director of Patient Access, Archbold Medical Center


Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) Deploys RightPatient®

Implemented to raise patient safety, protect privacy, eliminate duplicate medical records, and prevent medical identity theft

“Implementation of the RightPatient® patient identity management platform is an important step to raise patient safety standards at TGMC.”
-- Phyllis Peoples
President and CEO, Terrebonne General Medical Center


RightPatient® Seamlessly Interfaces with Epic EHR System

RightPatient® installation and configuration requires minimal dedicated hospital IT staff FTE’s

“The implementation of the RightPatient® system was a seamless and straightforward process requiring minimal resources from our IT staff .”
-- Jacki Ottaviani
Cadence & HIM Analyst, Martin Health System


Florida Health System Chooses RightPatient®

8-hospital system uses RightPatient® protect over 1 million patients from medical identity theft


Saudi National Guard Health Affairs Selects RightPatient®

4 hospitals, over 40 clinics, 2 million patients and more than 30,000 daily visits

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The RightPatient® biometric patient identification platform is used by health systems representing more than 900 sites that process over 36 million annual patient visits.

Patinet Identification

Patient Identification

RightPatient® provides best-of-breed biometric patient identification technology to accurately identify patients, prevent duplicate medical records, and increase patient safety.

Anti Fraud


Our patient identity platform deters
medical identity theft and healthcare fraud throughout the care continuum by linking a patient’s biometric credentials to their unique medical record.

Data Integrity


Accurate patient identification is critical to keeping health records accurate, up-to-date and complete. RightPatient® ensures high levels of data integrity to optimize health outcomes.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

RightPatient® seamlessly integrates with dozens of healthcare systems and utilizes various biometric credentials to authenticate patients from any touchpoint across the care continuum.

Safeguard PHI


RightPatient® captures various biometric credentials to authenticate patients from portals and mHealth apps, protecting access and safeguarding personal health information.

Our customers experience a 99% patient acceptance rate.

Best-of-Breed Platform

Increase Safety, Protect Data & Save Money
RightPatient® is the healthcare industry’s most flexible and scalable patient identification platform.  With integrations already built for various healthcare systems like Epic, Cerner®, Meditech, McKesson and IBM Initiate®, RightPatient® becomes a seamless part of the provider workflow to maximize operational efficiency.  Our back-end authentication system also leverages multiple forms of biometrics to reliably identify patients at any point along the care continuum. RightPatient’s unparalleled power helps healthcare providers to eliminate costs associated with duplicate medical records and patient fraud, while increasing patient safety and safeguarding remote access to personal health information.

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RightPatient® SaaS Options

Easily deploy RightPatient for a low monthly fee

Photo Biometrics

  • Most accurate form of biometrics
  • Patients take a “selfie”
  • Non-contact & hygienic
  • High degree of acceptance

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  • Most affordable option
  • Match 100 million prints/sec
  • Small form factor
  • Easy to use

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Why You Will Love RightPatient®

I am a and I love RightPatient® because:
  • The implementation process is smooth and ​painless, requiring ​minimal ​resources
  • The enterprise version ​seamlessly integrates with our EHR workflow​s​ ​to maximize operational efficiency
  • The platform has the ability to perform fast, real-time "one-to-many" biometric identification and has unlimited scalability
  • Medical data integrity is ​optimized, improving our ability to understand our patient population and performance
  • RightPatient utilizes various biometric credentials to authenticate patients from any touchpoint along the care continuum
  • RightPatient is backed by ​20 years of experience in system integration​, biometrics & high-performance computing
  • ​The mobile self-service ​app allows patients to immediately submit co-pays​,​ which helps to shorten our revenue cycle
  • Creating a unique patient ID helps ​to ​ensure more accurate tracking and reduction of readmission rates
  • It creates a concrete, indisputable patient audit trail that ensures medical record data accuracy
  • Medical records are accurate for quality reporting which has a direct impact on reimbursement and avoiding penalties imposed by CMS
  • ​Duplicates, overlays and identity fraud are prevented, saving our system countless dollars​
  • ​Patients can be identified with pinpoint accuracy through a fast biometric scan to avoid the creation of duplicate medical records
  • The system links a patient's biometric profile to a unique medical record to prevent medical identity theft or fraud at the point of service
  • We streamlined and reduced patient registration time to improve our service delivery​,​ resulting in a more positive patient experience
  • RightPatient with iris biometrics is a non-contact modality that supports hospital infection control policies
  • It improves patient safety by eliminating registration errors
  • The system links patient biometric data to a unique medical record to ensure their safety throughout the care continuum
  • Clinicians can quickly and easily verify patient identities bedside prior to medication distribution
  • It helps us to keep health records accurate, up-to-date, and complete to avoid any unnecessary and costly repeat lab tests or procedures
  • The platform provides me confidence that medical record data integrity is intact for quality reporting
  • It protects my identity and prevents others from fraudulently using my healthcare credentials to illegally obtain medical services
  • With iris biometrics, I don't have to touch any devices during the identification process to protect me against germs or bacteria that can make me sick
  • I have confidence that clinicians are using the right medical record during my treatment anywhere along the care continuum
  • It ensures data integrity and accuracy so I can confidently share medical information with providers outside of my network
  • The registration process is fast and easy and I don't have to worry if I forget my insurance card on a future visit

Our Advantages

Fast, powerful matching for large-scale ID

The most accurate, scalable and versatile platform

Disruptive technology

Interfaces with all major EHR systems

Comprehensive features

Solutions for wireless ID, EMPI integration & more

Innovative engineering

Dedicated team of scientific engineers and technologists

Extensive healthcare & biometrics experience

Backed by 13 years of real-world biometrics experience

Industry Awards

M2SYS receives 2011 frost and sullivan award for hybrid biometric platform
M2SYS named a technology association of georgia tag top 10 innovative technology company

Select Customers

RightPatient Customers - Healthcare Biometric Patient Identification RightPatient®
RightPatient Customers - Healthcare Biometric Patient Identification RightPatient®
RightPatient Customers - Healthcare Biometric Patient Identification RightPatient®

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Novant Testimonial

“One of the reasons we selected RightPatient was that it supports any type of biometrics and device. This is a platform that gives us flexibility as the technology continues to evolve.”

Melanie Wilson
VP of Revenue Cycle, Novant Health System

Martin Testimonial

“RightPatient® was a perfect fit for us because it doesn’t require physical contact, seamlessly communicates with our electronic health records software, and runs flawlessly over Citrix.”

Carol Plato
AVP of Revenue Cycle, Martin Health Systems

Hugh Chatham Testimonial

“My problem is not using the technology. My problem is deciding where to use it; front end registration or bed side.”

Lee Powe
Director of Information Systems, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

University Health System

“I like the RightPatient® system because it provides a photo of the patient for accurate identification prior to administering care.”

Dr. Terry Arrington
Orthopedic Surgeon, University Health System