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Terrebonne General Medical Center Implements Photo Biometrics
adopt biometrics for patient identification to eliminate duplicate medical records
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This case study offers a closer look at TGMC’s commitment to take a proactive approach to protect patient privacy and the factors that led them to determine that RightPatient® with Photo Biometrics was the most effective solution to eliminate common risks that could jeopardize patient safety. Learn how TGMC carefully evaluated fingerprint and palm vein biometrics as alternative patient ID solutions, but ultimately determined that Photo Biometrics was more hygienic, versatile, and accurate.
RightPatient® Biometric Patient Identification Case Studies – Examples of how the solution has been implemented and what results have been achieved.

Here’s an excerpt

“TGMC deployed the RightPatient® identity management system throughout the hospital, including patient identification in the emergency department, and inpatient and outpatient admissions. When using RightPatient® with Photo Biometrics, patients simply take their picture at registration and they are accurately identified. TGMC was willing to invest in this technology to better serve its patients and for patient safety.”

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