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Our Smart Healthcare Platform

The RightPatient® healthcare informatics platform unifies big data in healthcare and clinical knowledge in an unprecedented way to drive personalized health, decision support, and predictive analytics.

improve patient ID in healthcare with photo biometrics from RightPatient
Patient Identification

The integrity of patient medical records starts with accurate patient identification. RightPatient® upholds data integrity by preventing duplicate medical records and identity theft through real-time biometric identification of patients at any interaction touchpoint.

Data Aggregation

RightPatient® collects invaluable patient and provider-generated health data through various interface mechanisms. In addition to interfacing with a wide variety of wearables and biosensors, our team curates health information from our global network of providers, partners, researchers and public health agencies.

Patient Engagement

Our platform unifies patient engagement by providing a broad suite of tools, including self-service functions, health literacy games, medication adherence, personalized decision support, real-time diagnostics, wellness management, social networking, disease-specific content, and more.

Personalized Health

RightPatient® combines patient-generated health data with a robust medical knowledge repository to deliver an unprecedented personalized health experience for patients. This powerful system gives patients and providers the real-time information they need to track and manage health, guide consumer use of health care, and respond to questions that are customized to the individual patient’s circumstances and needs.

Predictive Analytics

Our innovative deep learning and predictive analytics engine mines the vast RightPatient® big data ecosystem to provide powerful insight for patients, providers, payers, researchers, public health agencies, and other healthcare stakeholders. From a quick recommendation for “do-it-yourself” patient care to predicting hospital readmissions, RightPatient® offers wisdom at the click of a button to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and revolutionize advancements in medicine.

User Connectivity

RightPatient® is building a vast global network of users that contribute and connect. As more users engage with our ecosystem, exponential value is provided to all who participate. These relationships also erect a unyielding structure for guidance, support, communication, research, and evidence-based decision-making. RightPatient® is building a unified global community to truly democratize healthcare and improve quality and results in all areas of the industry.


We enable healthcare intelligence

Our healthcare ecosystem aggregates data and uses deep learning and predictive analytics to personalize medicine, reduce readmissions, improve outcomes, and drive comparative effectiveness research.

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