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RightPatient® RemoteID

Secure Remote Access to PHI from Portals & Apps

The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires healthcare organizations to secure remote access to PHI data as a safeguard for patient privacy and to eliminate data breaches that can lead to fraud and medical identity theft. With a single, enterprise-wide patient identification platform, RightPatient® RemoteID secures remote access to PHI from mHealth apps and patient portals using facial and/or voice recognition to increase patient engagement and reduce risk.

remote access to PHI from mHealth apps and patient portals using facial and/or voice recognition

RightPatient® RemoteID uses facial and/or voice verification to safeguard remote access to personal health information (PHI)

How It Works

mHealth & Portal Integration

RightPatient® RemoteID seamlessly integrates with any healthcare provider mHealth app or patient portal, ensuring that sensitive PHI is only accessed by authorized individuals.

RightPatient seamlessly integrates with all major EHR platforms including Cerner, Epic, Siemens, and Meditech
Patient Enrollment

Providers using RightPatient® capture a high-quality patient photograph and other biometric credentials during enrollment.

RightPatient -Patient Enrollment
Secure Remote Authentication

In a self-driven interaction, patients are authenticated using the RightPatient® facial and/or voice recognition engine for secure patient portal and mHealth app access.

Secure Remote Authentication

Our Advantages


Safeguard PHI

Securely identify patients attempting to remotely access sensitive PHI data

Accurate front-end patient ID

Fast, accurate identification

Facial and/or voice recognition can be used to confirm patient identities


Protect patient privacy

Ensures compliance with HIPAA laws that protect patient privacy through remote PHI data access


Flexible integration

Our API enables any third-party software to easily leverage our cloud verification engine

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