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Healthcare data accuracy across disparate domains

RightPatient® for IBM Initiate® EMPI

Through a strategic partnership with IBM, RightPatient® seamlessly interfaces with the Initiate® EMPI platform to assign a single, unique patient identity profile that is kept authentic through our biometric matching system. This ensures a complete, holistic medical profile for each patient can be retrieved no matter where the patient is authenticated within the health system, leading to higher quality patient care and improved outcomes.

EMPI platform to assign a single, unique patient identity profile

RightPatient® seamlessly interfaces with Initiate® to retrieve local medical records, no matter where the patient is identified across the health system.

How It Works

Seamless EMPI Integration

Seamlessly interfaces with the IBM Initiate® Master Data Management system so that patients can be identified in real-time from any location.

RightPatient seamlessly integrates with all major EHR platforms including Cerner, Epic, Siemens, and Meditech

Patient Enrollment

RightPatient® captures the biometric data of each patient from any registration point and links that to a local medical record in the provider EHR software.

RightPatient -Patient Enrollment

Accurate Patient Identification

When patients visit other locations within the healthcare network, their biometric data is captured and sent to the RightPatient® server for a one-to-many (1:N) identification.


Unique Patient ID Throughout Health System

RightPatient® integrates with IBM Initiate® to establish a single, ubiquitous and reliable patient identity, ensuring access to a complete medical profile regardless of where a patient is authenticated within the health system.


Our Advantages

Accurate front-end patient ID

Accurate front-end patient ID

Provides an accurate front-end patient identification process for a complete view of clinical details

Seamless interface with IBM Initiate®

Seamless interface with IBM Initiate®

Enables real-time, holistic patient ID from any location

Accurate care delivery

Accurate care delivery

Ensures accurate and prompt service delivery without missing any important medical history

eliminate duplicate medical records and overlays and medical ID theft with biometric patient identification

Protect patient safety

Protects patient safety by ensuring all medical data is attributed to the correct individual


Eliminate duplicate medical records

Eliminates costly and dangerous duplicate medical records


Safeguard PHI

Safeguards personal health information (PHI)

Health data accuracy

Health data accuracy

Guarantees data accuracy across an entire health system

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