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RightPatient® Biometrics for the HIE and IDN

As we move rapidly into the world of electronic health records, the ability to easily share healthcare information across a health information exchange (HIE) or integrated delivery network (IDN) enables providers to provide safer and more timely care. But this movement also carries a risk – how do healthcare organizations ensure high levels of data integrity with so many disparate systems sharing information?
RightPatient EHR - next-generation biometric patient ID system
Ensuring Data Integrity with Biometrics


Biometrics can play a key role in helping to ensure the transfer of clean patient data by preventing the creation of duplicate medical records. As more regions, communities and hospital systems participate in health information exchange, biometric data can also be shared for the benefit of patients and providers.

RightPatient - biometrics for the HIE and IDN

However, to truly leverage the power of biometrics across an HIE or IDN, some important questions should be asked:


Does the biometric matching system provide a true de-duplication (1:N match) mechanism at the point of patient enrollment and identification?


If so, how accurate is the biometric modality being used in this large-scale capacity? How fast can it perform 1:N searches? How easily can the system scale and at what cost?


Has there been any independent, third-party testing on the biometric modality?


Can the biometric templates be stored in an industry-standard format, such as NIST, so they can be easily shared with other systems?


Does the biometric system lock me into a particular modality or device? How much flexibility do I have?

If you are part of an HIE or IDN, or think that you may be in the future, these are extremely important questions to ask when evaluating a biometric patient identification system.

Of course, RightPatient® covers all of these points. Our platform can be easily, affordably and reliably used across a health information exchange or integrated delivery network to ensure high levels of data integrity and lower costs.

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