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If you are interested in adding a next-generation biometric patient ID and patient safety system that seamlessly interfaces with your Siemens Soarian EMR platform absent of headaches that normally are a part of third party software implementations and configurations, our RightPatient® solution is the answer. Our software engineers have designed a pre-built version of the RightPatient® platform that instantly interfaces with the Siemens Soarian EHR platform to simplify system implementation and configuration and lower the burden on hospital IT staff during the deployment process.
Deploy a biometric patient ID and patient safety system with your Siemens Soarian EHR Platform

RightPatient® Biometric Patient Identification for Siemens Soarian Electronic Health Record (EHR) System End Users to Improve Patient Safety


RightPatient EHR - next-generation biometric patient ID system

Designed as a comprehensive biometric patient identification solution for use at each and every patient touchpoint along the continuum of care, RightPatient® helps hospitals across the world in the effort to:

  • Prevent duplicate medical records
  • Eliminate fraud
  • Increase patient data integrity
  • Boost patient safety
  • Meet and exceed patient safety goals

Plus, in an effort to help address the unique needs of your own patient population, RightPatient® expands its utility by offering Siemens Soarian EMR customers the choice of using one or a combination of biometric modalities including:

RightPatient® uses FingerPrint biometric technology


RightPatient® uses PalmVein biometric technology

Palm vein

RightPatient -FingerVein biometric patient identification

Finger vein

RightPatient -Iris biometric patient identification


Facial recognition

RightPatient® uses Voice Recognition biometric technology

Voice recognition

Each of our biometric modality options comes with an exclusive set of characteristics that define their applicability to patient identification in healthcare.

We stand committed to a seamless and smooth installation procedure and take great pride in offering timely and comprehensive support through the entire Siemens Soarian EMR biometric patient ID implementation and deployment process. No additional hospital IT FTE resources are required beyond remote access and assistance with the Siemens Soarian EHR environment! To learn more about the advantages that the Siemens Soarian EMR RightPatient® biometric patient identification and patient safety system can deliver to your medical facility as well as throughout your network

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