RightPatient Biometric Solutions

RightPatient® Biometric Patient ID & Patient Safety System for Cerner HealthSentry EMR Systems

Unified implementation of a biometric patient identification solution to improve patient safety for Cerner HealthSentry EHR customers
At RightPatient®, our extensive history of system integration enables the flexibility of our innovative middleware to quickly and seamlessly interface with the biometric patient ID management platform and any outside application. We minimize the required resources needed to deploy this patient safety system and only require minor configuration following implementation.
RightPatient® is a biometric patient ID and patient safety system that seamlessly interfaces with Cerner HealthSentry EMR to allow instantly retrieval of a patient’s electronic medical record after a biometric scan.

RightPatient EHR - next-generation biometric patient ID system

This patient safety platform is designed to allow Cerner HealthSentry EMR customers the ability to:

  • Prevent duplicate medical records
  • Eliminate fraud
  • Increase patient data integrity
  • Improve patient safety
  • Meet and exceed patient safety goals

RightPatient® is designed to simplify the implementation process and ensure hospitals can remain focused on their core objectives to provide safe, quality patient care. The RightPatient® Cerner HealthSentry EHR biometric patient identification and patient safety platform also offers the choice of multiple biometric modalities to allow hospitals flexibility to choose one or a mixture of hardware that addresses the unique needs of their own patient population. We support:

RightPatient® uses FingerPrint biometric technology


RightPatient® uses PalmVein biometric technology

Palm vein

RightPatient -FingerVein biometric patient identification

Finger vein

RightPatient -Iris biometric patient identification


Facial recognition

RightPatient® uses Voice Recognition biometric technology

Voice recognition

We are dedicated to a providing a smooth installation process and offer judicious support throughout the Cerner HealthSentry EHR biometric patient identification and patient safety implementation process. Deployment of the RightPatient® Cerner HealthSentry EMR will not require any additional hospital IT FTE resources beyond simple remote access and assistance with the EHR environment!

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