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Meditech 5.66 electronic health record (EHR) end users who are in the market for a biometric patient ID and patient safety system can rest easier knowing that RightPatient® removes the hassles of time consuming and complicated configuration requirements. We have a pre-built and customized version of the RightPatient® patient safety platform that instantaneously interfaces with the Meditech 5.66 EMR platform to allow smooth implementation and save needless hospital IT staff FTE’s.
Deploy a biometric patient ID and patient safety system that seamlessly interfaces with your Meditech 5.66 EHR System

RightPatient® Biometric Patient Identification for Meditech 5.66 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems to Improve Patient Safety


RightPatient EHR - next-generation biometric patient ID system

RightPatient® – a next-generation biometric patient ID system is designed to:

  • Prevent duplicate medical records
  • Eliminate fraud
  • Boost patient data integrity
  • Improve patient safety
  • Meet and exceed patient safety goals

Our RightPatient® Meditech 5.66 EMR implementation process and the low FTE requirements on your hospital IT department offers hospitals the ability to remain focused on core objectives and removes the worry of exercising unnecessary FTE’s during the implementation process. The true value in any biometric patient identification and medical data integrity platform is always demonstrated in the ability to quickly provide accurate patient identification, but also in its low support burden. We assist by allowing you to remain focused on you’re the mission of delivering the best quality care possible and continually improve patient safety.

Furthermore, we provide a wide-ranging variety of biometric hardware devices for you to choose before to the Meditech 5.66 EHR biometric patient ID and patient safety implementation process that matches the unique needs of your patient demographic including:

RightPatient® uses FingerPrint biometric technology


RightPatient® uses PalmVein biometric technology

Palm vein

RightPatient -FingerVein biometric patient identification

Finger vein

RightPatient -Iris biometric patient identification


Facial recognition

RightPatient® uses Voice Recognition biometric technology

Voice recognition

We offer a choice of Meditech 5.66 EHR biometric patient identification modalities to enable the flexibility of never being locked into one modality or hardware device and the advantage of being able to always capitalize on the best biometric technologies as they continue to evolve. Device flexibility allows Meditech 5.66 EHR end users to “future proof” their deployment and maximizes value to ensure technology doesn’t become obsolete!

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