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Martin Health System Seeks Flexible, Hygienic Patient Identification Solution
Submit your contact information to receive a free case study on how Stuart, FL based Martin Health System implemented the RightPatient® biometric patient identification solution to increase patient safety, eliminate duplicate medical records, and improve data integrity in their healthcare system. This case study offers a closer look at the challenges that led Martin Health to implement iris biometric patient identification, how they deployed the technology across their electronic health record (EHR) system and EMPI, and the results they have experienced including increases to patient safety and reductions in medical identity theft and healthcare fraud.
RightPatient® Biometric Patient Identification Case Studies – Examples of how the solution has been implemented and what results have been achieved.

Here’s an excerpt

“Martin Health conducted extensive research on multiple patient identity management solutions (including contact versus non-contact systems) and after comprehensive due diligence including a detailed review of the back end search capabilities to prevent duplicate medical records, medical ID theft, and fraud at the point of service, selected the RightPatient® patient identity management and patient engagement platform using iris recognition biometric identification.”

Martin Health Case Study

RightPatient® was a perfect fit for us because it doesn’t require physical contact, seamlessly communicates with our electronic health records software, and runs flawlessly over Citrix.

Carol PlatoAVP of Revenue Cycle, Martin Health Systems

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