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Iris Biometrics is the Ideal Solution for Patient Identification
RightPatient EHR - next-generation biometric patient ID system
As more healthcare facilities investigate the use of biometrics for patient identification, they are discovering that some biometric modalities have limitations in their ability to truly prevent duplicate medical records, eliminate medical identity theft and fraud at the point of service, and raise patient safety levels. Learn more about why iris biometrics have risen to the top as the most effective biometric patient identification solution on the market, what makes iris biometrics a superior solution to other biometric modalities, the science behind iris recognition, and more!

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“Of all the biometric modalities on the market that are available today, iris recognition is widely recognized as the most accurate. Tested and certified by independent organizations, it is regularly used in law enforcement and other large-scale government biometric projects lending to its credibility as a reliable identification resource. When you combine the authentication confidence of iris biometrics with extremely fast matching speeds, platform versatility, non-invasive no contact design and secure, privacy friendly structure it’s no surprise that healthcare organizations have identified iris recognition as the only biometric modality to truly eliminate duplicate medical records and prevent medical identity theft and insurance fraud. Iris recognition’s demonstrated versatility has proven it to be an ideal solution for large population applications.”

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