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Bethesda Health, Inc. Launches RightPatient® Biometric Patient Identification System with Siemens Invision EHR

Iris Recognition Technology Improves Patient Safety, Prevents Duplication of Medical Records, and Helps Eliminate Medical Identity Theft

Atlanta, GA (October 13, 2015) RightPatient® announced today that Bethesda Health has implemented RightPatient® for its patient identity management system at its two not-for-profit hospitals Bethesda Hospital East and Bethesda Hospital West. Bethesda Health identified RightPatient® as the ideal solution to raise patient safety standards, safeguard patients from medical identity theft and fraud at the point of service, and prevent the creation of duplicate medical records. Bethesda Health will be using the RightPatient® biometric identity management system in both inpatient and outpatient registration centers.

After evaluating several patient identification management solutions, Bethesda Health chose RightPatient® because it utilizes a safe, secure data storage system to record an image of the patient’s iris, which is a unique biometric measurement, and this advanced system can reduce medical errors caused by patient misidentification.

“Implementing RightPatient® is a key component of our overall strategy to ensure the highest levels of patient safety for the Bethesda Health community,” said Roger L. Kirk, FACHE, President and CEO of Bethesda Health. “We continue to make every effort possible to protect patients from the dangers of duplicate medical records, medical identity theft, and fraud, and are committed to adopting advanced technologies that enable us to provide the highest quality of care. Plus, RightPatient® also offers the flexibility to extend accurate patient identification to any patient touchpoint that requires patient identification accuracy to ensure optimal outcomes.”

“We continue to remain focused on our core mission to help increase patient safety and strengthen the integrity of medical data through the implementation of our RightPatient® patient identity management solution,” said Mizan Rahman, Founder and CEO of RightPatient®. “We worked closely with Bethesda Health staff to customize RightPatient® for their specific Siemens Invision EHR workflows and are excited to be an integral part of the hospital system’s efforts to increase patient safety and eliminate the risk of medical identity theft.”

About RightPatient®

RightPatient® is the industry’s most flexible and scalable biometric patient safety and patient data integrity system. As the industry’s premier biometric patient identity management platform, RightPatient® is utilized by dozens of hospitals and health systems that collectively see over 30 million patients annually and represent more than 860 healthcare locations. These forward-thinking providers process thousands of daily transactions through RightPatient® to prevent duplicate medical records, deter fraud, and increase patient safety. Interfaces already exist for various EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Siemens, Meditech, CPSI and more. The RightPatient® platform was built on identity management technology used to enroll over 300 million people in 100 countries. Backed by 12 years of experience in biometrics, integration and large-scale projects, we are dedicated to innovation and enabling our customers to increase patient safety, protect patient privacy, raise patient engagement, and improve performance by safeguarding patient identities from every interaction touchpoint.


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About Bethesda Health, Inc.

Bethesda Health, Inc. is comprised of two not-for-profit hospitals, Bethesda Hospital East and Bethesda Hospital West, which are supported by the generosity of philanthropic community members through the Bethesda Hospital Foundation. With community support, we have grown to 670 physicians and more than 2,500 employees. Bethesda Health includes Bethesda Health Physician Group, the Bethesda Center for Graduate Medical Education, Bethesda Heart Hospital, Bethesda Orthopaedic Institute, Bethesda Comprehensive Cancer Center, Cornell Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine, the Center for Women and Children, which includes Level III neonatal intensive care and pediatric intensive care, the Bethesda College of Health Sciences and accredited centers for Stroke, Chest Pain and Heart Failure. Visit


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