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Why Should You Use a Patient Identity Platform?


CMS Compliance


Avoid Duplicate Records


Prevent Identity Theft


Improve Patient Safety

With the looming CMS deadline of May 1st, 2021 to support e-notifications, clean patient data is crucial to avoid compliance penalties. To have the cleanest data possible, you must know your patients with certainty. The RightPatient patient identity platform solves this issue to protect your business and your patients.


Did You Know?

Over 2.3 million adult-aged Americans become victims of medical identity theft each year.

Settlement costs for healthcare providers can be as much as $250,000

Settlement costs for healthcare providers resulting from medical identity theft can be as much as $250,000

79% of patients say it’s important for providers to protect their health records

79% of patients think it is crucial that their providers protect their electronic health records from unwanted incidents

50% of patients would change healthcare providers if they had concerns about the security of their identity and medical records

50% of patients will change providers if they have security concerns regarding their identities and medical records

In 2019, more healthcare records were breached than prior 3 years combined.
The market is increasingly ripe for medical identity theft.


RightPatient Prevents Data Corruption

On average, 8% of medical records are duplicates or mixed up with data from another patient. RightPatient® keeps data cleaner to improve patient safety & clinical outcomes.

The RightPatient® platform is used by the nation’s leading health systems to protect over 10 million patient identities.

The RightPatient® platform is used by the nation’s leading health systems to protect over 10 million patient identities.

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Improve Data Integrity

Ensuring accurate patient identification to prevent duplicate medical records and identity theft keeps health records accurate and complete. RightPatient® ensures high levels of data integrity to comply with CMS rules, optimize health outcomes, and lower costs.

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Protect All Encounters

The scalable RightPatient® platform enables patients to enroll and authenticate using their own smartphones. Third-party applications can easily integrate using our APIs and our mobile app can be used across sites to authenticate patients across all encounter touchpoints.

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Increase Profitability

RightPatient® boosts the bottom line by reducing compliance penalties, denied claims and other costs associated with duplicate medical records. Preventing medical identity theft eliminates fraud write-offs and lowers litigation costs.

RightPatient Biometric Patient Identification Benefits

RightPatient - Eliminate medical identity theft

Eliminate medical identity theft

Patients can only claim one identity after enrollment

RightPatient - Increase patient safety

Increase patient safety

Reliably access each patient’s complete medical history

RightPatient - Prevent duplicate medical records

Prevent duplicate medical records

Perform real-time de-duplication to keep data clean

RightPatient - Protect access to patient data

Protect access to patient data

Verify patient identities prior to sensitive data requests

RightPatient - Improve the patient experience

Improve the patient experience

Strengthen trust and brand equity with secure identification

Industry Awards

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RightPatient®: Biometric Patient Identity Management Platform

RightPatient®: Biometric Patient Identity Management Platform

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Novant Testimonial

Melanie Wilson-VP of Revenue Cycle, Novant Health System

“One of the reasons we selected RightPatient at Novant Health was that it supports any type of biometrics and device. This is a platform that gives us flexibility as the technology continues to evolve.”

Melanie Wilson
VP of Revenue Cycle, Essentia Health

Martin Testimonial

Carol Plato-AVP of Revenue Cycle, Martin Health Systems

“RightPatient® was a perfect fit for us because it doesn’t require physical contact, seamlessly communicates with our electronic health records software, and runs flawlessly over Citrix.”

Carol Plato
AVP of Revenue Cycle, Martin Health Systems

Hugh Chatham Testimonial

Lee Powe

“My problem is not using the technology. My problem is deciding where to use it; front end registration or bed side.”

Lee Powe
Director of Information Systems, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

University Health System

University Health System testimonial

“I like the RightPatient® system because it provides a photo of the patient for accurate identification prior to administering care.”

Dr. Terry Arrington
Orthopedic Surgeon, University Health System

Delano Testimonial

RightPatient®: Biometric Patient Identity Management Platform
“Initially, we thought our patients/community might be apprehensive about having their photograph taken, but that is not the case. We have heard nothing but positive feedback from our patients. They are pleased to learn about the extra measures DRMC is taking to protect their identity.”

Vanessa Delgadillo
Patient Access Manager, Delano Regional Medical Center

Phyllis Peoples

“The biggest benefit of RightPatient is, again, patient safety. We have, as I mentioned, a lot of duplicates- a lot of people that have the same entity, the same last name. Of course, the identifier for us is what’s going to be of value.”

Phyllis Peoples
President and CEO of Terrebonne General Medical Center