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Turn any smartphone or tablet into a powerful patient ID device

Medical errors due to patient misidentification are a serious issue for all healthcare providers and are currently the third leading cause of death in the U.S. with 60% of those errors due to identity issues. Medical errors due to patient misidentification only promises to rise faster with the advent of electronic health records and the increase in data sharing. To address this problem, RightPatient introduces PatientLens™, which turns any off-the-shelf smartphone or tablet into a reliable patient identification device, empowering clinicians to accurately recognize patients through its combination of biometrics and deep learning capabilities.


PatientLens™ turns any smart device into a powerful patient ID tool by quickly allowing clinicians to verify patient identities prior to administering care, even if they are unconscious

How It Works

Download PatientLens™ app

RightPatient provides the software download links allowing eligible clinicians the ability to quickly and easily download the PatientLens app on any smart device equipped with a camera.

RightPatient seamlessly integrates with all major EHR platforms including Cerner, Epic, Siemens, and Meditech
Capture Patient Photos

PatientLens activates the camera on a smart device that allows clinicians to quickly capture a patient’s photo, even if they are unconscious.

RightPatient helps hospitals achieve accurate patient identification with photo biometrics to improve patient safety
Patient Identification in the Cloud

PatientLens captures an image of the patient’s face which is submitted to the RightPatient® Cloud for fast, accurate matching results.

RightPatient Cloud hosts the backend biometric matching and data storage in a HIPAA compliant cloud
Improve Patient Safety and the Patient Experience

Upon successful verification, PatientLens displays basic patient demographic information including name, medical record number, D.O.B., and gender to ensure safe care delivery and to humanize the patient experience.




powerful patient ID tool
  • Turn any smartphone into a powerful patient ID tool
  • Clinicians can verify unconscious patients and prior to administering care
  • Improve patient safety and empathetic care delivery
  • Reduce risk of adverse events associated with identity issues

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Powered by the RightPatient® cognitive vision platform, PatientLens™ will strengthen patient safety, reduce risk, and more effectively humanize the healthcare experience – a critical element of improving patient satisfaction and empathetic care delivery. Using PatientLens™, clinicians and other users can look at patients through their smart device to quickly confirm patient identities across various use cases, even if the patient is unconscious

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