RightPatient Biometric Solutions

RightPatient® Analytics Portal

Powering healthcare professionals with patient ID enrollment, identification, and verification data analytics to maximize return on investment (ROI)

RightPatient® Analytics provides patient access professionals real time biometric patient identification, enrollment, and verification data to help monitor system performance and user activity. Helping to maximize system optimization and facilitate a positive return on investment, RightPatient® Analytics allows healthcare practitioners access to data that helps track patient enrollment volume and subsequent identification and verification. Through a user-friendly, web-based interface, healthcare administrators have access to the real-time data they need to analyze system usage, track patient flow, maintain patient safety, troubleshoot, and potentially reallocate resources based on results.

Patient Analytics Portal

RightPatient® Analytics provides real-time patient identification platform insight and wisdom to help maximize the benefits of the solution

RightPatient® Analytics offers standard and customized reporting to accurately track system activity

What advantages does RightPatient® Analytics provide to healthcare professionals?

  • Identify biometric enrollments, identifications, and verifications through a registration terminal or mobile device to manage traffic flow
  • Establish a concrete audit trail
  • Monitor total number of patients in system to track and recalibrate benchmarks
  • Proactively troubleshoot potential employee training problems by identifying successful and unsuccessful scans by terminal
  • User-friendly, customizable dashboard and modules makes real-time data easy to read or export and reports simple to download
  • Flexible web application settings let user see small or large data sets to gain broader perspectives

More organizations are making use of business intelligence (BI) and healthcare analytics, and the use of these tools has helped entities see faster and more accurate decision-making, save costs, and increase transparency. RightPatient® Analytics fosters collaboration between patient access staff, clinicians, and the C-level to ensure that the biometric patient identification system is operating efficiently and effectively.