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Anti-abduction Solution for Child Safety

KinderGuardian™ Child Safety Initiative to Help Fight Child Abduction
The battle against child abduction is often a confluence of several different entities working together to share and leverage resources. Designed and developed by M2SYS Healthcare Solutions, KinderGuardian™ permits healthcare providers the option of allowing parents to store their child’s biometric profile in the cloud to a national registry to thwart instances of child abduction if any suspicion arises.

Here is a brief overview of the KinderGuardian™ national child anti-abduction initiative:

What is KinderGuardian™?

KinderGuardian™ is a national anti-abduction system where hospitals can send a copy of a child patient’s iris data, photograph, and biographic information in the cloud. Any hospital using our RightPatient® iris biometric patient identification system can then search against this system to identify the child. Parents are also offered the option of storing a child’s biometric data on a USB drive. The KinderGuardian™ system is completely optional for parents who want to participate.

Why did we develop KinderGuardian™?

At some point in an abducted child’s life they will need medical care. If there is any suspicion that the child has been abducted, a healthcare provider can run a centralized search through KinderGuardian™ to verify the child’s identity and determine whether the child’s record has been flagged. Healthcare is a practical setting to launch this initiative.

How do I find out more information about KinderGuardian™?

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