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Patient Identity Platform

to prevent medical identity theft & eliminate its financial burden

Patients are more than numbers. The RightPatient® Cloud ensures it by humanizing health IT. We are transforming healthcare with cognitive vision technology that saves lives, improves quality and reduces risk.

RightPatient Cloud Patient Safety Platform

Patient ID

Accurately identify patients at registration areas, kiosks, the ED & more; retrieve the correct medical record to prevent duplicates, fraud & human error.


Aggregate and analyze patient visit data, and access a concrete audit log of visits with patient photos for compliance and dispute resolution.

Lock Medical Records

Safeguard patient data and prevent mixups by embedding photos and locking medical records with a RightPatient biometric signature.

HIPAA Compliance

Strengthen security, compliance, and patient safety by recognizing patients during portal login, telehealth visits & other encounter areas.


PatientLens™ turns any smartphone or tablet into a powerful patient recognition device.

  • Uses augmented reality and deep learning to recognize patients
  • Identify unconscious patients
  • Verify patients prior to medical procedures
  • Improve patient safety and reduce risk of adverse events
We solve the patient ID challenge

When patients are not identified correctly, bad things happen. Critical health information can be linked to a duplicate medical record or the wrong record. This affects patient safety, data integrity, and healthcare costs.

Medical identity theft is also on the rise. An estimated 2.3 million Americans or close family members had their identities stolen during or before 2014.

the average duplicate medical rate at hospitals is 8% - prevent duplicate medical records with RightPatient using photo biometrics

Average duplicate medical record rate

Average cost per duplicate medical record

Average cost per duplicate medical record

medical records are valued at 10 times the amount of credit cards - protect patient medical records with RightPatient using photo biometrics

Value of stolen medical info over credit cards

RightPatient® solves the patient identification challenge by acquiring and using the photo and unique biometric information of patients to accurately identify them during each encounter.

The ECRI Institute recommends that hospitals use more standard means of patient identification, which should include photographs with patient files. Read our blog post to understand more about the importance of capturing patient photos during registration: In Your Face: The Future of Federated Patient Identification

RightPatient® Cloud Platform
Increase Patient Safety & Reduce Costs
  • Seamless part of EHR workflow
  • Contactless & hygienic
  • Superior accuracy
  • Affordable SaaS model

The RightPatient® biometric patient identification platform is used by health systems representing more than 900 sites that process over 40 million annual patient visits.

affordable, flexible and scalable biometric patient identification solution to increase patient safety

Patient Identification

RightPatient® is the most accurate, scalable & versatile biometric patient identification system to accurately identify patients, prevent duplicate medical records, and increase patient safety.

prevent healthcare fraud and stop medical identity theft with the RightPatient biometric patient ID solution using photo biometrics


Our patient identity platform deters
medical identity theft and healthcare fraud throughout the care continuum by linking a patient’s biometric credentials to their unique medical record.

increase patient data integrity and optimize health outcomes with the RightPatient biometric patient identification solution


Accurate patient identification is critical to keeping health records accurate, up-to-date and complete. RightPatient® ensures high levels of data integrity to optimize health outcomes.

The RightPatient biometric patient ID solution seamlessly integrates with many different EHR systems including Cerner, Epic, Meditech, Siemens

Seamless Integration

RightPatient® seamlessly integrates with dozens of healthcare systems and utilizes various biometric credentials to authenticate patients from any touchpoint across the care continuum.

RightPatient is the only biometric patient ID solution that can accurately identify patients from anywhere along the care continuum including portals, mHealth apps, home health, telemedicine, and more


RightPatient® captures various biometric credentials to authenticate patients from portals and mHealth apps, protecting access and safeguarding personal health information.

Our customers experience a 99% patient acceptance rate.

RightPatient® SaaS

Easily deploy RightPatient for a low monthly fee

Photo Biometrics

Photo Biometrics
  • Most accurate form of biometrics
  • Patients take a “selfie”
  • Non-contact & hygienic
  • High degree of acceptance

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When using RightPatient® with Photo Biometrics, patients simply take their picture and they are accurately identified. RightPatient® seamlessly integrates with all major Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, including Cerner®, Epic, Meditech, and McKesson.

RightPatient® is the most accurate biometric patient identification solution. The system analyzes the unique iris pattern from the patient photo, which is stored with the medical record to improve patient safety. Photo Biometrics is completely contactless and intuitive, making it ideal for hygiene/infection control and improving the patient experience.

With RightPatient® SaaS, healthcare providers can implement the platform for a small monthly fee that includes software, hosting, and support. Our biometric matching system runs in the secure RightPatient® Cloud to minimize deployment and IT costs.

Why You Will Love RightPatient®

Our Advantages

easily scale this biometric patient identification system as the database grows in size

Fast, powerful matching for large-scale ID

Superscalar biometric patient identification system

RightPatient has pre-built interfaces with many popular EHR systems including Cerner, Meditech, Epic, Siemens

Disruptive technology

Interfaces with multiple enterprise & third-party systems

identify patients at any point along the care continuum using photo biometrics with the RightPatient biometric patient ID solution

Comprehensive features

Solutions for mobile ID, EMPI integration & more

RightPatient is an innovative company focused on improving patient safety in healthcare through the use of biometric patient identification

Innovative engineering

Proven team of scientific engineers and technologists

experience in biometric system integration

Extensive healthcare & biometrics experience

Backed by 14+ years of real-world experience

Industry Awards

M2SYS receives 2011 frost and sullivan award for hybrid biometric platform
M2SYS named a technology association of georgia tag top 10 innovative technology company for the RightPatient biometric patient ID platform
rightpatient is an award winning biometric patient identification patient safety platform that uses photo biometrics to accurately identify patients

Select Customers


community medical centers


university health

san diego


Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital


Novant Testimonial

Melanie Wilson-VP of Revenue Cycle, Novant Health System

“One of the reasons we selected RightPatient was that it supports any type of biometrics and device. This is a platform that gives us flexibility as the technology continues to evolve.”

Melanie Wilson
VP of Revenue Cycle, Novant Health System

Martin Testimonial

Carol Plato-AVP of Revenue Cycle, Martin Health Systems

“RightPatient® was a perfect fit for us because it doesn’t require physical contact, seamlessly communicates with our electronic health records software, and runs flawlessly over Citrix.”

Carol Plato
AVP of Revenue Cycle, Martin Health Systems

Hugh Chatham Testimonial

Lee Powe

“My problem is not using the technology. My problem is deciding where to use it; front end registration or bed side.”

Lee Powe
Director of Information Systems, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

University Health System

University Health System testimonial

“I like the RightPatient® system because it provides a photo of the patient for accurate identification prior to administering care.”

Dr. Terry Arrington
Orthopedic Surgeon, University Health System

Delano Testimonial

photo biometrics increases patient safety
“Initially, we thought our patients/community might be apprehensive about having their photograph taken, but that it not the case. We have heard nothing but positive feedback from our patients. They are pleased to learn about the extra measures DRMC is taking to protect their identity.”

Vanessa Delgadillo
Patient Access Manager, Delano Regional Medical Center