RightPatient Blog: Cloud-Based Biometric Patient Identification for Healthcare Patient Safety

patient experience improvement causes satisfied patients

Process Improvement Methodologies are used for Patient Experience Improvement

Healthcare organizations are continually pursuing ways to improve…
June 18, 2019/by Matt Gibson
patient engagement

Patient Engagement and Patient Experience help reducing hospital readmissions

Patient engagement refers to the concept of the patient's behavior…
June 11, 2019/by Matt Gibson
patient matching improvements

Hospitals are Prioritizing Patient Matching Accuracy

Patient identification has been haunting the healthcare industry…
June 2, 2019/by Matt Gibson
Scanning a patient for identification

Hospitals Need a Better Patient Matching System to Identify “John Does”

Patient identification or lack thereof is a topic which we hear…
May 31, 2019/by Matt Gibson
Patient experience

Patient experience and patient engagement: Is there any difference?

There are quite some differences between engagement and experience.…
May 24, 2019/by Matt Gibson
how patient engagement reduces hospital readmission CircleCare

Ways in which patient engagement strategies prevent hospital readmission

One of the main determinants of performance in the healthcare…
May 22, 2019/by Matt Gibson
Statistics regarding how low HAC score reduces CMS and incurs loss

CMS cuts payments to 800 hospitals for patient safety incidents – is yours next?

Patient safety incidents should be taken seriously by all hospitals.…
May 15, 2019/by Mizan Rahman
Piece of medical record over other documents

The curious case of a mistaken patient identity

Mistaken patient identities in the healthcare industry are nothing…
May 10, 2019/by Matt Gibson

EHRs: Why are physicians and patients dissatisfied with them?

Electronic health records (EHRs) are supposed to make things…
September 5, 2018/by Michael Trader

Making the most of patient wait times

The U.S. healthcare system has long suffered from the problem…
August 14, 2018/by Mizan Rahman

Reducing opioid abuse by knowing the right patient

The US is enduring a massive opioid abuse epidemic. Not only…
July 16, 2018/by Michael Trader
RightPatient augments population health investments

How Can You Protect Your Investment in a Population Health Solution?

Healthcare in the U.S. is going to see a paradigm shift in the…
February 9, 2018/by Mizan Rahman
chart corrections impact healthcare data integrity

How RightPatient Prevents Chart Corrections in Epic and Other EHRs

I’ve visited enough of our customers to know that hospital…
January 29, 2018/by Michael Trader

Value-Based Care: A Patient-Centered Approach Requires Knowing Your Patient

Aspirin, penicillin, monoclonal antibodies, interventional cardiology,…
January 15, 2018/by Mizan Rahman
patient mix-ups

How Big is the Patient Mix-up Problem in the U.S.?

Hollywood has created several films featuring a person that was…
January 11, 2018/by Patrick May
opioid epidemic

How Opioid Abuse Exposes Hospitals

Whenever I’m talking to a healthcare provider about RightPatient,…
December 20, 2017/by Michael Trader
healthcare personalized data

Data Personalization in Healthcare

Personalization in healthcare - everyone talks about personalized…
December 10, 2017/by Mizan Rahman

Leaders of healthcare gather in Chicago for Becker’s Hospital Review Conference

Just as the cooler weather finally emerges in hot & sunny…
September 29, 2017/by Mizan Rahman
healthcare update

At the Becker’s Conference, learn how RightPatient prevents patient fraud

The Becker's 2017 (and 3rd annual) Health IT & Revenue Cycle…
September 19, 2017/by Michael Trader
Patient Identification Errors

Prevent Patient Record Mix-Ups Before It’s Too Late

It’s no secret that patient identification is a challenge,…
September 6, 2017/by Mizan Rahman
protecting patient data in healthcare

How Doctors Can Transmit Patient Data Securely

The following guest post on protecting patient data was submitted…
August 17, 2017/by John Trader
medical record safety

Peace of Mind: A Short Guide To Who Handles Your Private Medical Information

The following guest post on who handles Protected Health…
August 15, 2017/by John Trader

4 Ways Medical Personnel Can Implement Policy into Patient Safety Protocol

The following guest post on improving patient safety in healthcare…
August 8, 2017/by John Trader
medical identity theft prevention

Medical Identity Theft: How Hospitals Can Reduce Risk

Hospitals are generally considered to be a place to seek…
August 4, 2017/by John Trader
complying with HIPAA regualtions

HIPAA in a Nutshell

The following guest post on the HIPAA law was submitted…
July 28, 2017/by John Trader
big data

How Big Data is Changing Medicine

The following guest post on big data in healthcare was submitted…
July 24, 2017/by John Trader
accurate patient ID in healthcare helps increase patient safety

New Partnership with CrossChx Signals Positive Changes for Patient ID

In case you missed it, on Friday we officially announced…
July 17, 2017/by John Trader
protecting healthcare data

Healthcare Data Security: How Doctors and Nurses Access, Utilize, and Protect Your Information

The following guest post on healthcare data security was…
July 10, 2017/by John Trader