RightPatient Blog: Cloud-Based Biometric Patient Identification for Healthcare Patient Safety


Impact of Duplicate Medical Records in Healthcare can be Mitigated

The novel coronavirus is probably one of the biggest challenges…
May 25, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Correct Patient Identification is Crucial for Vaccine Administration

With over 1.6 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the United…
May 22, 2020/by Ryan Stephens

Healthcare Data Breach Statistics show 40 Million Patients were affected in 2019

Data breaches - this topic has been covered a lot here. That’s…
May 19, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Care – Contactless Patient Identification

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published specific guidelines…
May 13, 2020/by Ryan Stephens

Improve the Accuracy of Patient Identification and Boost your Profitability

Patient identification errors have been a long-term problematic…
May 10, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Healthcare Data Breaches can lead to Medical Identity Theft

As per The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical…
May 7, 2020/by Ryan Stephens

The Importance of Positive Patient Identification and how it affects Hospitals

The importance of positive patient identification is known throughout…
May 4, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Duplicate Medical Records and Patient Misidentification Frequently Affects Hospitals

The U.S. healthcare system does not seem to catch a break. The…
May 1, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Leading Hospitals Understand the Importance of Proper Patient Identification

The importance of proper patient identification can be felt by…
April 28, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Protecting Patient Data is a Topmost Priority During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The last few months have been excruciating for the whole world…
April 25, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Medical Identity Theft Stories are Common in Emergency Departments

Medical identity theft stories are quite common - many patients…
April 22, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Duplicate Medical Records Impact Patient Safety in Hospitals

Ensuring patient safety is one of the top priorities for any…
April 19, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Employees Can Compromise Medical Records – How Can Hospitals Protect Patient Data?

As harsh as it may sound, employees getting fired for accessing…
April 16, 2020/by Matt Gibson
Patient identification helps improve revenue cycle

Hospitals Can Improve Revenue Cycle With Positive Patient Identification

The importance of digitization in healthcare delivery is becoming…
April 13, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Helping the Frontline Fight Against COVID-19

As we all come to grips with a new normal during this war with…
April 1, 2020/by Michael Trader

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft is a big and scary term. And many think…
March 26, 2020/by Guest

Hospital data breach results in an expensive lawsuit – Is yours next?

Hospital data breaches have been rampant for quite some years…
March 19, 2020/by Matt Gibson

How to identify patients with opioid abuse or addiction treatment?

Addiction to opioids is a serious problem that is plaguing society.…
March 15, 2020/by Guest

How RightPatient Benefits Medical Identity Theft and the Healthcare Red Flags Rule

It’s no secret that medical identity theft is on the rise.…
March 14, 2020/by Michael Trader

Why The Coronavirus Makes Patient Identification More Critical Than Ever

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock somewhere, the COVID-19…
March 11, 2020/by Michael Trader

Proper Patient Identification Can Help Fight the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has been a menace since it started. It spread…
February 14, 2020/by Matt Gibson

How Do Progressive Hospitals Prevent Medical Identity Theft?

There are many things we need to be concerned about to avoid…
February 12, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Medical Identity Theft Prevention Enhances Patient Trust

What is one of the crucial things a company needs to ensure so…
February 10, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Wrong Patient Identification Causes Kidney Transplant Fiasco at a Hospital

Another day, another wrong patient identification. It just goes…
February 6, 2020/by Matt Gibson

Can Revenue Cycle Improvement Prevent Hospital Closures?

So many hospitals are closing their doors that it is hard to…
January 2, 2020/by Matt Gibson

2583 hospitals hit with penalties due to readmission reduction program

Medicare hit 2583 health systems with penalties by cutting payments…
October 24, 2019/by Matt Gibson

Another industry expert in favor of an effective patient identifier

It has been a long, continuous, and never-ending fight for the…
October 23, 2019/by Matt Gibson
unique patient identifier in healthcare

Why should the Senate choose biometrics as a unique patient identifier?

Unique patient identifiers have been talked about several times,…
October 2, 2019/by Matt Gibson